About the Summit

The 6th DDR Inhibitors Summit 2023 is the premier event for pharmaceutical and biotech researchers to discuss advances, challenges, and new solutions in the field of DDR inhibitors. 

This 3-day summit will feature leading companies and organizations like AstraZeneca, EMD Serano, Breakpoint Therapeutics and DFCI, who will address significant topics such as target selection, minimizing toxicity, and regulation. The goal of this summit is to further the development of DDR inhibitors and expand the therapeutic window. 

Examples of invaluable insights and challenges shared this year:


Selecting third-wave targets for use in monotherapies and combination therapies to explore alternative ways to target the DDR pathway


Using DDR inhibitors to sensitize cancer cells to other treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy to maximise their efficacy


Evaluating and DDR inhibition and the immune interface- what are the major challenges and opportunities that exist


Improving patient selection with a host of novel biomarkers and screening tools to help minimize toxicity