Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Workshop A

Delving into PARPi: Drawing Comparisons & Differences, Deepening the Understanding of the Mechanisms of Resistance

  • Comparing the differences between the current approved and novel PARPi’s
  • Future in other indications comparison and combination approaches for different
  • Understanding mechanisms of resistance to build strategies
  • Replication fork stalling/stabilization and homologous repair – how do they contribute to resistance?
  • Biomarker discussion – what is going on in the lab to gain a deeper understanding than BRCA mut?
john pascal

John Pascal
Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine,
Faculty of Medicine
Université de Montréal

arne nedergaard jousholt

Arne Nedergaard Kousholt
Postdoctoral Researcher
Jos Jonkers Group, Division of Molecular Pathology,
Oncode Institute,
The Netherlands Cancer Institute


Stephen Pettitt
Senior Researcher
Institute of Cancer Research

sharon cantor

Sharon B. Cantor
Professor, Department of Molecular, Cell and
Cancer Biology
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Workshop B

 Exploiting the DDR Pathway Beyond Oncology

  • Enhance understanding of DDR in aging – accumulation of DNA damage and DNA repair in aging and consequential drug development
  • Drugging DNA damage repair pathways for trinucleotide repeat expansion diseases
  • PARPi’s in neurodegenerative disease and inflammation –utilizing the pathway to preserve cells
  • Analyzing the different target classes and potentials for drug development
  • Increasing evidence that DNA damage repair pathways are implicated in neurodegenerative disease pathophysiology which informs target identification/ validation for additional indications
  • Understanding how to reduce the risk of potential oncogenic liabilities. This is not a synthetic lethal approach (we want to preserve neurons) so safety considerations are critical
  • Target engagement and PKPD relationships using peripheral surrogates in addition to non-invasive CNS measures are not trivial and require early consideration and investment
peter bialek

Peter Bialek
Head of Translational Biology
Triplet Therapeutics

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