The 5th Annual DDR, ATR & PARP Inhibitors Summit is coming at a timely inflection point within this field. With Wee1 & ATR approvals on the horizon and countless novel targets currently undergoing exciting pre-clinical validation, this unique & highly anticipated meeting unites the world experts in DDR inhibition to propel this space through the barriers it faces to clinical breakthrough.  

Hosted in the biopharma hub of Boston, MA, this industry-led forum once again evolves to reflect progress in the DDR therapies field with focused content on:

  • PARP Inhibition: Next-Gen PARPi’s, PARP Resistance & the Future of PARP Inhibitors
  • Developing Clinically Successful Wee1 & ATR Inhibitors for Cancer Therapy
  • Developing Predictive Pre-Clinical Models in DDR to Achieve Human-Specific Translation
  • Novel Methodologies & Imaging Technologies to Revolutionize Pathway Understanding, Compound Optimization & Clinical Translation
  • Establishing a Pre-Clinically Validated Novel Target: Polθ
  • Identifying Reliable DDR/HR Tumor Biomarkers
  • Exploring the Emerging Targets in the DDR Pathway: Strategy, Execution, Development and Promise
  • Managing Toxicity - Dose, Delivery, Scheduling, Patient Selection, & Stratification - Managing the Therapeutic Window & Treatment Regimes
  • Next Steps in Combination Approaches - to Heighten Drug Effect & Overcome Resistance - What is the Future of the Field?

World-Class Speaker Faculty


“Meeting to be for everyone involved in DDR drug research!”

Merck & Co


“There really isn’t another conference like this mainly focused on PARP and DDR translational research.”

EMD Serono


“Great summary of the DDR field with interesting discussions and updates on latest data”


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