Mark O’Connor

Mark O’Connor

Company: AstraZeneca

Job title: Chief Scientist Oncology, Head of the DDR Strategic Biology Area


Closing Panel Discussion: Future Directions for DDRi 5:30 pm

What is the current status of DDRi combination with IO Thoughts and rationalizing on potential best outcomes DDR-DDR combos Reviewing the various combination approaches and new targets coming in – thought experiment based on pathway What are the combinations and new targets that are going to push the field forward in a durable and effective…Read more

day: Day Two

Targeting Replication Stress in Cancers with Adavosertib, the First in Class WEE1 Inhibitor 12:30 pm

Delving into WEE1 inhibitors, which have the potential for monotherapy activity in cancers with high levels of basal replication stress In this monotherapy scenario, in addition to the G2/M checkpoint override resulting from CDK1 deregulation, the activation of CDK2 appears to be the main driver with downregulation of RRM2 and dNTP reduction observed Exploring combination…Read more

day: Day One

Panel Discussion: PARPi’s: The Whole Story? PARP & DDR Biomarkers, Targets & Hope in Indications Outside of Breast & Ovarian 9:30 am

Sharing insights into future directions and what to anticipate as standards evolve for PARP and other DDRi’s in the clinic How is it looking for prostate? leukemia? GBM? pancreatic? endometrial? SCLC? What are the differences between cancers in terms of resistance to PARP inhibitors? Thoughts on moving to a more genomic rather than indication-specific biomarker-driven…Read more

day: Day One

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