Partnership Opportunities

Referred to as the definitive meeting for the DDR community, this summit united biopharma diving into synthetic lethality, replication stress, and DNA repair defects to translate to clinically relevant cancer treatments.

After the astounding success of PARP inhibitors, there are novel targets constantly emerging in addition to strategies for combinations with radio-, chemo-, and immunotherapies. Multimillion-dollar deals from Roche, Gilead, and Amgen highlight the growing excitement for future investments ahead.

This highly anticipated summit came back and better than ever with a brand new biomarker day and carefully designed tracks to optimize your experience.

What the Summit Delved Into:

Biomarker development and validation for novel targets and mechanisms of action and patient stratification to bolster clinical trial design for safe therapies

Oncology based modelling and preclinical CROs to perform study in this dynamic commercial environment and form long-lasting partnerships

Liquid biopsy services for real-time assessment and minimize patient burden alongside early detection of potential tumour resistance

Genetic testing and precision medicine services that are vital to patient selection and optimizing combination studies to ensure regulatory success

Why Partner?

5 Key Takeaways 1

The 7th DDR Inhibitors Summit brought a new biomarker focus day and track, attracting an audience eager to learn about your services and connect with the right players fast

5 Key Takeaways 2

Pharmaceutical giants like AstraZenenca, Merck, Gilead, Genentech, and Pfizer, united alongside the cutting-edge biotech starting to move to clinical trials that need you to overcome future translational hurdles

5 Key Takeaways 3

Structured networking and deep dive discussions highlighted the long-term challenges and opportunities in the field to determine optimal investment in your services

Who Was There?

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