Panel Discussion: Towards Bridging the Gap with the Clinic

Time: 4:30 pm
day: Day One


  • Exploring optimal validation in clinics
  • Standardizing the approach in the clinic so we can go back preclinically – which models?
  • Gathering early clinical information – robust translational medicine program
  • How can you best parallel with translational – ctDNA metabolomics
  • Discussing mathematical modeling use potentials for dose adjustment and tolerability
  • Why do the colony formation assays take so long and what are the alternatives – reliability? Taking cell proliferation rate into account
  • Novel methods to translate drug potency into a cellular format?
  • Understanding pharmacodynamics technology platforms and the clinical challenges in the drug discovery program for DDR targets; what target engagement assays, assays, validation, mechanistic, tissue distribution, toxicity, and colony formation assays are being used
  • How do you prove target engagement – why a lack of cell viability assay usage?