Breakfast Panel: Assessing the Situation: Improving Biomarker Characterization, Aiding Predictive Drug Development & Advancements in Addressing Patient Heterogeneity

Time: 8:00 am
day: Day Two


  • Discussing target engagement and response biomarkers
  • Exploring similarities between uses of biomarkers in pre-clinical vs clinical settings
  • Debating the reliability of current biomarkers
  • Is a global standard approach needed to evaluate biomarkers? How would we navigate this?
  • Dissecting selecting alternative biomarkers for various populations
  • How close to the route cause should we be going? (genomics, transcriptomic, proteomics)
  • Evaluating how to decide on the most reliable biomarkers to identify TRUE functional deficiency
  • Evaluating the successes of the windows of portion trialing – can you predict the long outcome?
  • Analyzing data for biomarkers of PARPi sensitivity beyond BRCA – mutational signature approaches to identify HR deficiency as a means to expand the web of biomarker options?
  • Thoughts on trends in germline vs somatic DDR mutations