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We share your passion for science. Promega is committed to excellence in providing simple and high quality assays for high-throughput screening and small molecule and biologics drug discovery. Solutions include best-in-class assays for Kinase inhibitor screening, cell health (CellTiter-Glo, Caspase-Glo and RealTime-Glo Cell Viability & Apoptosis) and energy metabolism (such as NAD/NADH Glo); innovative protein reporter technologies (NanoBRET Target Engagement, PPI, CRISPR-mediated protein tagging with HiBiT and easy to use bioluminescent immunoassays) and high-throughput nucleic acid chemistry. Let's collaborate.


Team Members


Matt Robers

Senior Research Scientist & Group Leader

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Kara Machleidt

Global Commercialization Marketing Manager


Steven Edenson

Strategic Collaborations Manager